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Same thing happened to us, just now. Called Netgear (it's been about a month or two out of warranty, NEVER had any issues with it, until now).

They said it would cost me $89 in order to have them even help me with it or assist me in any type of problem solving. Only info I was given was "From here, I can see your settings are all messed up, this is why you are having issues." That is it. Wouldn't go any further into what the issue was until I paid them for the tech support so they could remotely access my computer. Informed them it seemed fishy to me that JUST out of the warranty and NOW all of a sudden my "settings were all messed up"??!

I said it didn't make sense considering I don't even know how to mess with the settings, nor have I ever tried and haven't had any issues til these past few weeks. Now my internet drops on a dime. Randomly, never any warning and amount of time it's down is always different. Could be 1 minute, could be 20 minutes.

Told them it was suspect and that if their $100 modems couldn't last past it's limited time warranty (of 1yr), that they either need to drop the prices dramatically or stop selling JUNK. And yes, my customer service person was middle eastern, could barely understand two words they were saying. Frustrating!!! And considering someone had their computer all messed up from having Netgear have remote access and trying to help......I refuse to even consider allowing them access.

For the amount they are asking from consumers to pay for this remote access assistance, you can buy a new modem from a more reputable manufacturer and better customer service! NOT the way to do business. People invest their hard earned money into these products, only to be told that the defective item you already paid for requires you to pay for help when the piece of *** breaks!?

Wondering if the settings are set to "scramble" once warranties are up. Makes you wonder!

cmex84 wrote the review because of "poor quality product=paid tech support needed!?!?!" at Netgear and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $115 and wants Netgear to "i want a replacement, refund or company to agree to find solution for the product i have without having to pay for additional help. customer service should be given to help someone when a defective product situation arises".

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Kew Gardens, New York, United States #1267333

The same exact thing just happened to me.

to Anonymous Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States #1270736

I would file with the BBB. Not sure who else we can report them too though.

I know there are TONS Of agencies that deal in this sort of thing, but honestly I'd love to see NETGEAR be held accountable for their junk. Frustrating :( We couldn't afford to "upgrade" at the time of this review, so we're going to end up replacing it come tax time. With ANOTHER company though. We'll be able to receive assistance with the other product, with or without the warranty on the item.

*Smh* I never did understand that whole "Pay us so we can help you" ***. I already invested my money in your product and now I need to PAY for you to tell me how to FIX YOUR CRAPPY PRODUCT?! How does that help with repeat customers? Tell ya what, I won't ever buy another netgear item.

Sad, since Netgear is all we've bought in the past 10yrs. No more!

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