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Wow, in 16 years of dealing with routers, modems, networking products and the company's that make them and are supposed to stand by them with customer service and technical support I can say I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH A NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE than the one I received with Netgear. Purchased A router and had it working, with some minor issues but functional until about 2.5 months into it when I called because it was not allowing some settings, would not forward ports or update.

After a LONG time of going through all facets of the router and settings with the support staff, turns out it had a hardware default (Netgears fault). So after talking with customer service they had us RMA the faulty router and after paying expedited shipping we received the new router. Upon receiving the new router we had the same issue and being that it was on the same ticket I assumed they would stand by their warranty as they said they would. After multiple attempts, grueling hours waiting on hold and having to repeat myself over and over and over to different support techs I had to argue every time that we were still on the same issue.

I kept being told that our 90 day support had lapsed, while the new router was being sent. Even though the previous support staff told us that the coverage would continue for this specific ticket issue. I expedited the issue, had to raise my voice at a representative after he told me "they had done all they could" even though he kept trying to get me to pay $90 for "extended coverage" for a router that came broken and continued to have the same problem. I was told by him that this was a different ticket number, so therefore not covered.

I had to explain to him that they could call it whatever they wanted and change whatever ticket number they wanted but it was STILL the same *** issue we had been dealing with at this point for almost 3 weeks!!! I asked for the supervisor and actually got a very knowledgeable guy who was helpful and told me to check with the ISP provider and if it wasn't an issue on their end to call back and he would make a note that our case was to be sent to "the next level" which I was told was remote log in support, which is supposed to come with the 90 day original support warranty. I checked with the ISP the next day and was told nothing was blocking the ports on their end and nothing was wrong with the modem. So I called Netgear back, waited on hold for another 50 minutes and then received a different support staff whom I had to walkthrough the ENTIRE ordeal and issue again for probably the 5th or 6th time.

This staff said that there were notes on the account, and that he would check about remote service to fix the problem which I was told several times "If we remote in we WILL be able to fix the issue" though not once did they remote in to just easily fix the problem as they had stated they could. Instead every time remote service was brought up they would say it would cost $90 to purchase an additional 6 months of coverage, even though this was THE SAME support ticket we'd had from the very beginning and should have been covered, like they said it would be. I told them I was not going to pay an additional $90 for coverage on a router that hadn't done what I needed it to do or worked from the very beginning. I told the support tech that if the issue wasn't resolved, under the original warranty, under the same ticket number I had opened up 3 weeks prior for a hardware default of Netgear's product that I would have to give them a negative review.

Now you'd think that a company would like to keep the customer happy, especially over such a small issue and I told them that I understood that once this issue had been resolved I would have to pay for any future support on ny future problems. They had told me it would be easy to fix the problem, they just had to remote in so I didn't think I was asking very much to have that done, problem solved and they would have had me writing a somewhat positive review, or none at all and at least still recommending Netgear products in the future. No, the support staff came back and said that they had already given me "complimentary service" and if I wanted the problem fixed I would have to pay the additional $90. I made it very clear I would be writing a bad review, and stated that again.

Also mentioning that I had NEVER had to deal with such a negative experience over a router before and that instead of just fixing the problem like they said they would, under the original ticket for the faulty product I had purchased they now had a very unhappy customer who was never again going to recommend Netgear and who was not afraid to make that clear to anyone who ever wanted, needed, asked or brought up a product Netgear sold or serviced. I deal with A LOT of tech companies, networking products, customer support staff and clients who use these products. NOT ONCE have I ever written a negative review of a company like this, because even if they had a faulty product they did their best to make it right, kept their word and didn't try to sell me something that should have been included in the first place or that came with the product or was suppose to. I have never had to go through such an ordeal before, and if it would have just been fixed I wouldn't be writing this even if I had wasted tons of time and was mad it took that long.

A word to Netgear, if you want to keep customers coming back and buying your products you need to make them feel like their worth your time, your product is worth purchasing, you will stand by your products and provide quality customer service. I personally don't care that your call center and technical support are probably based in India, definitely outside the U.S. I don't care about that, as long as the support is quality, timely and fixes the issue to the best of the ability to do so. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had a negative experience with you, but you can add me to the list of customers who WILL NEVER buy a product of yours EVER again and who you pissed off to the point that I WILL NEVER FORGET and will NEVER again recommend your products to anyone.

I will go out of my way to get people to avoid your products by any means necessary. If I heard someone in line talking about Netgear, I would chime in and tell them to avoid you. If I hear someone talking about any product related to those you sell I will tell them to avoid you. Not to mention the hundreds of clients, friends, family and people in the tech community who I will never recommend your products to EVER AGAIN.

I will also be posting this review of Netgear to any site I come across dealing with anything related to the products you sell, forums, blogs, review sites, etc. You may not care, and it may not affect your bottom line much or at all...

but it sure would have been a lot cheaper just to FIX MY *** PROBLEM! Good day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netgear Ac1750 Router.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $90.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Horrid customer service.

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Spent $700 on a Nighthawk X10 R9000. Keeps dropping wi-fi and they refuse to replace.

It is a known and common problem with this model. $700!!


Horrible company!

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